Welcome to the Islands - where fresh, original poke bowls are presented in unique Hawaiian and Caribbean style. (No – we’re not confused about the geography, although with 1,197 miles of coastline we figure Florida should at least have honorary membership).

Founders Mark and Paul bring their passion for food and community to aromatic life at Big Kahuna’s – where guests are treated like family, and each dish is inspired by the changing of seasons.

From pole-to-bowl and farm-to-fork, only the freshest fish, produce and ingredients are allowed to enter. (Yep, we check IDs at the door.) Their swift transformation into creative, flavorful, and memorable recipes assures that each visitor will enjoy a dining experience like no other.

Did you just say to yourself “Aw, come on. Treated like family?”
Come visit . . . then you tell us.

More like brothers than friends; Mark and Paul’s relationship is rooted in the Hawaiian culture of ohana. (“The family.”) For them, ohana is a way of life - and when your love of food is this personal, it pretty much means once you dig in, you’re one of us. Yes – you get to claim kinship to the crazy guys in the kitchen with the big knives. (Isn’t family great?!)

Ridiculously delicious food.
No passport necessary.
See you after the next fresh catch.